Bikini Care


**Do not machine-wash your bikinis, even on a hand-wash or delicate cycle. Delicate lace and hardware do not hold up well in the washer or dryer. Chlorine, sunscreen, tanners, and salt water will cause normal wear and tear over time.**

**To keep your bikinis looking new and bright, it is recommended to hand wash it. Fill a sink or basin with cool water and add a teaspoon of mild liquid detergent. Soak the bikini for at least five minutes, then gently swish it around. Rinse the bikinis thoroughly with cool water and hang it to dry.**


After wearing your Bikini Offers Swimsuit/Swimwear/Bikinis, it is recommended to wash it in cool water with a mild soap.

If there are any stains, gently work a small amount of mild soap like baby soap or gentle body wash directly into the stain. Repeat if it’s a particularly tough stain. Avoid direct contact with lace and hardware.

Rinse the bikini with cool water and gently wring it out. Drip dry or lay it flat to dry away from the sun’s rays. Once it’s dry, you can wear it again!

Wash/Care Instructions for Standard Bikinis

After each use, rinse your bikini in COLD water.

To wash your bikini, hand wash it in the sink with a few drops of mild dish detergent (such as Blue Dawn) and COLD water. Do not leave the bikini in the sink for more than a few minutes, and do not rub, scrub, wring, or twist the suit. Rinse the dish detergent off with COLD water and lay the bikini flat to dry on a towel. Only wash/rinse with like colors. NEVER use bleach or laundry detergent on your bikinis.

Lace trim, lace/crochet overlays, and metallic fabrics are delicate and not meant for constant wear.